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Airtrack Factory Australia – Buy Home Use Air Mats

Hunting for airtrack factory Australia? sells top quality tumble air mats at competitive rate. Actually, the air tumbling track is a home use equipment as well. The users may come up with the first question: “What kinds of pressure is necessary for the airtracks?” It depends on the different factors, such as sports type, product category and skill level. Besides, the weight of people is also an important factor, adults or children. It is suggested to maintain sufficient pressure for every use, and re-inflate the airtrack every time. There are more information on recommended pressure levels in the user guide.

Airtrack Factory Australia – Wholesale Gymnastics Air Tracks

Vano Inflatables Factory wholesales gymnastics air tracks in Australia at Is there any possibility of breaking an air track by too much inflation? Possible, but not that much, as it is easy for the users to feel the pressure by touching the surface before training. In fact, the regular electric air pump is of small power only, which helps prevent from over pressure. The athletes can do the practice without worries. Obviously, both adults and kids would love this sports game with tumbling and jumping on the airtracks.

AirTracks Weight and Information

What is the weight of the air mats? Generally speaking, it is around three kilogram for every square meter. Apparently, however, they are a little different based on the various dimensions and thicknesses. Furthermore, there are many colors available, such as popular grey and blue panels. The edges is practicable to be in more colors, white, black, red, pink and more. In addition, the logo can be made for customization, like the person name for a birthday gift. Wanting some durable training equipment at home? Don’t hesitate to inquire with Vano Inflatables Limited at